Miradi Adaptive Management Software

Miradi – a Swahili word meaning “project” or “goal” – is a user-friendly program that allows nature conservation practitioners to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their projects to more effectively meet their conservation goals. With over 10,000 users worldwide, the program guides users through a series of step-by-step interview wizards, based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

Miradi helps teams to:

  • Define their project scope
  • Design conceptual models and spatial maps
  • Prioritize threats
  • Develop objectives
  • Identify and prioritize strategies
  • Determine indicators to assess the effectiveness of strategies
  • Develop work plans and budgets
  • Export data for reports
  • Export data to Miradi Share where it can be managed remotely, shared with other practitioners, and rolled up within a program

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