Conservation Enterprises: Using a theory of change approach to synthesize lessons from USAID biodiversity projects

Description: This is an excellent synthesis of lessons learned from a review of past USAID-supported conservation enterprises. The framework for the review was a set of “learning questions” related to the assumptions in a “generic” (i.e. cross-project) theory-of-change. This synthesis and associated reports are useful for teams considering conservation enterprises, and it is a nice example of how theories of change can support learning.

Full Citation: Boshoven, Judy. 2017. Conservation Enterprises: Using a Theory of Change Approach to Synthesize Lessons from USAID Biodiversity Projects. USAID Technical Brief.

Photo: Jason Houston for USAID Measuring Impact Conservation Enterprise Retrospective (Philippines; Kalahan Educational Foundation)


Other reports developed as part of this USAID learning initiative: The Nature of Conservation Enterprises: A 20-Year Retrospective Evaluation and Building a Conservation Enterprise: Keys for Success.

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