Conservation Actions Classification (V1.0)

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The following classification is Version 1.0

How Do We Define “Actions”?fishingturkey-tilders

Conservation Actions are interventions undertaken by project staff or partners designed to reach the project’s objectives and ultimate conservation goals (e.g., establishing an ecotourism business or setting up a protected area).

Conservation Actions Classification:

1 Land/Water Protection

Actions to identify, establish or expand parks and other legally protected areas

1.1 Site/Area Protection

Establishing or expanding public or private parks, reserves, and other protected areas roughly equivalent to IUCN Categories I-VI

1.2 Resource & Habitat Protection

Establishing protection or easements of some specific aspect of the resource on public or private lands outside of IUCN Categories I-VI

2 Land/Water Management

Actions directed at conserving or restoring sites, habitats and the wider environment

2.1 Site/Area Management

Management of protected areas and other resource lands for conservation

2.2 Invasive/Problematic Species Control

Controlling and/or preventing invasive and/or other problematic plants, animals, and pathogens

2.3 Habitat & Natural Process Restoration

Enhancing degraded or restoring missing habitats and ecosystem functions; dealing with pollution

3 Species Management

Actions directed at managing or restoring species, focused on the species of concern itself

3.1 Species Management

Managing specific plant and animal populations of concern

3.2 Species Recovery

Manipulating, enhancing or restoring specific plant and animal populations, vaccination programs

3.3 Species Re-Introduction

Re-introducing species to places where they formally occurred or benign introductions

3.4 Ex-Situ Conservation

Protecting biodiversity out of its native habitats

4 Education & Awareness

Actions directed at people to improve understanding and skills, and influence behavior

4.1 Formal Education

Enhancing knowledge and skills of students in a formal degree program

4.2 Training

Enhancing knowledge, skills and information exchange for practitioners, stakeholders, and other relevant individuals in structured settings outside of degree programs

4.3 Awareness & Communications

Raising environmental awareness and providing information through various media or through civil disobedience

5 Law & Policy

Actions to develop, change, influence, and help implement formal legislation, regulations, and voluntary standards

5.1 Legislation

Making, implementing, changing, influencing, or providing input into formal government sector legislation or polices at all levels: international, national, state/provincial, local, tribal

5.2 Policies & Regulations

Making, implementing, changing, influencing, or providing input into policies and regulations affecting the implementation of laws at all levels: international, national, state/provincial, local/community, tribal

5.3 Private Sector Standards & Codes

Setting, implementing, changing, influencing, or providing input into voluntary standards & professional codes that govern private sector practice

5.4 Compliance & Enforcement

Monitoring and enforcing compliance with laws, policies & regulations, and standards & codes at all levels

6 Livelihood, Economic & Other Incentives

Actions to use economic and other incentives to influence behavior

6.1 Linked Enterprises & Livelihood Alternatives

Developing enterprises that directly depend on the maintenance of natural resources or provide substitute livelihoods as a means of changing behaviors and attitudes

6.2 Substitution

Promoting alternative products and services that substitute for environmentally damaging ones

6.3 Market Forces

Using market mechanisms to change behaviors and attitudes

6.4 Conservation Payments

Using direct or indirect payments to change behaviors and attitudes

6.5 Non-Monetary Values

Using intangible values to change behaviors and attitudes

7 External Capacity Building

Actions to build the infrastructure to do better conservation

7.1 Institutional & Civil Society Development

Creating or providing non-financial support & capacity building for non-profits, government agencies, communities, and for-profits

7.2 Alliance & Partnership Development

Forming and facilitating partnerships, alliances, and networks of organizations

7.3 Conservation Finance

Raising and providing funds for conservation work

Classification of Conservation Actions


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