CAP Excel workbooks

Conservation Action Planning (CAP) is a well-spring of the Open Standards, and was codified in an online CAP Excel workbook.

Here we give access to both the original and an updated version of the CAP Excel workbook, which can now be used online, along with the necessary instructions and support materials for each.

Some key modifications to the old Excel workbook are:

  • the ability to work cooperatively, online
  • an expansion of the KEA rating scale from 4 to 6 grades (adding a Good – and Fair –), which allows for a ‘return on investment (ROI) assessment
  • a simpler and more robust Stress ranking approach
  • a simpler way of ranking Threats
  • a comparison scorecard of Current Health vs Future Health with/without action
  • a ROI analysis based on selected strategic objectives

Many of these adaptations have come about in response to an approach called Landscape Conservation Forecasting, which is used to assess current ecological conditions, forecast future conditions, and develop conservation strategies that achieve the greatest benefits for the lowest cost.

See also an article on using the new tool to develop a high level CAP for Nevada’s Freshwater ecosystems.

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