This page includes “how-to” guidance and training materials designed to help teams implement the Open Standards (e.g., training manuals and presentations). Note that we also provide a list of tools which serve as important resource but which do not provide step-by-step guidance.

For information about the formal vetting process for tools and guidance, see Using Open Standards.

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Glossary of OS terms translated to Lao

The ongoing Integrated Conservation of Biodiversity and Forests project in Laos has been translating and tailoring OS materials for local use. Two key elements of this are Lao translations of: the Glossary of Terms the ‘Steps flowchart’ that has been…

Goals and Strategies (FOS 2008)

Description: Part of the FOS Adaptive Management course, this guides the first step in developing a formal action plan – defining goals and strategies, using a marine example to illustrate points. Also included here is the breakout instructions for this…

Using Results Chains (USAID 2016)

Description: This how-to guide on results chains builds off the situation model guide. It helps design teams clearly depict the program’s theory of change by using results chains as a logic model that focuses on expected results and the programmatic…

Mongolian guidance for the Open Standards (2.0)

For a Protected Area training in the Open Standards held in in Mongolia in 2015, a Mongolian guidance version of the Open Standards (v2.0) was developed. This guidance has been approved by the Mongolian Department of Protected Areas Management. Over…