This page includes “how-to” guidance and training materials designed to help teams implement the Open Standards (e.g., training manuals and presentations). Note that we also provide a list of tools which serve as important resource but which do not provide step-by-step guidance.

For information about the formal vetting process for tools and guidance, see Using Open Standards.

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Results Chain Guide (FOS 2007)

Description: This short guide was developed to help understand and use results chain more effectively. It predates integration of human wellbeing and climate change into the Open Standards. It is a little theoretical as reality is seldom as linear as…

Results Chains (FOS 2014)

Description: This guide covers how to use results chains to test your assumptions of how your strategies are intended to change the situation.  This is also known as theory of change.  It uses shooting jaguars to protect cattle as an…

Threat Ranking (FOS 2012)

Description: Part of the FOS Adaptive Management course, this power-point presentation guides threat ranking, using the Swan wetlands as an example to illustrate points. It is vetted as excellent, but could use notes about when to use the stress-based ranking…

Viability Assessment and Goals (FOS 2013)

Description: Part of the FOS Adaptive Management course, this power-point presentation completes definition of viability for targets and then goes on to use this work to define Goals. Also included here is the breakout instructions for viability assessment. Full citation:…

Viability Worksheet (TNC 2003)

Description: This short technical guide by the TNC to assess the viability of targets was developed to help practitioners accurately document key environmental attributes, indicators and indicator ratings because of “the complexity and importance of this section in defining and…