This page includes “how-to” guidance and training materials designed to help teams implement the Open Standards (e.g., training manuals and presentations). Note that we also provide a list of tools which serve as important resource but which do not provide step-by-step guidance.

For information about the formal vetting process for tools and guidance, see Using Open Standards.

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Climate-smart Open Standards

This series of 4 webinar recordings by Marcia Brown (FOS) and John Morrison (WWF) provides an overview of the Climate-Smart Open Standards.  Another good base resource is the National Wildlife Federation’s Climate-Smart Conservation. Briefly, several adjustments to the Open Standards…

Conceptual Models (FOS 2009)

Description: This short guide was developed to help understand and use conceptual models to document a situation analysis more effectively. It predates integration of human wellbeing and climate change into the Open Standards. Full citation: Foundations of Success. (2009). Using…

Conservation audit tool and guidance (CMP 2018)

Use this Conservation audit tool to analyze strengths and weaknesses in conservation programs against the Open Standards and define what changes are needed to adapt management for better outcomes. Developed and refined for CMP by Elizabeth O’Neill and Sheila O’Connor,…

Conservation Business Process Model (Stewart 2017)

Average Rating: 5

This is a great resource for M&E staff or other “integrators” in small to medium-sized organizations that are playing a support role to projects and programs. It provides them with an understanding of how to improve workflows across their organizations,…

Conservation Capability Maturity Model (Stewart 2017)

Average Rating: 5

The Conservation Capability Maturity model provides a very useful framework for assessing institutional capacity and effectiveness, especially regarding the key processes involved in the practice and management of conservation work. The model provides a scorecard format for identifying where an…