This page includes a variety of resources based on the Open Standards that people are likely to find useful in implementation, but that are not strictly Open Standards.

These resources are posted ‘as is’ and are not vetted. Core Open Standards materials are provided in step-by-step guidance and a list of tools on other pages.

For information about the formal vetting process for tools and guidance, see Using Open Standards.


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Promoting Change in Cause-Driven Organizations (Stewart 2017)

This document briefly describes the challenge of promoting change in cause-driven organizations.  It is written for practitioners who are working on broader adoption and institutionalization of the Open Standards in their organizations.  The document introduces interesting concepts and ideas but…

Open Standards and Collective Impact

This document relates Open Standards concepts and tools with those of the “Collective Impact” framework, which provides guidance for organisations tackling complex “adaptive” problems (such as conservation challenges) involving multiple partners. Since its initial publication in 2011, the model has…