The first circle in the OS sets teams up to start the planning and management process (Step 1).

In this stage, teams define and develop:

  • A. Why they are planning to understand whether it is appropriate for the current situation
    • Who will take what role in the planning process and how to relate to partners
  • B. What scope (area) will be covered, and the vision for the plan
    • Discrete targets to focus the planning effort and vision
    • Resolve the nature and status of the health (viability) of these targets, both now and in the future
  • C Rank threats against these targets
  • D. Analyse the conservation situation to understand drivers and possible intervention points

Once these tasks are complete, teams will be ready to start the actual plan (Step 2), where SMART goals and objectives are set, strategies developed and tested for logic, monitoring needs resolved, and an operational plan developed to assess capacity needs for implementation (Step 3).

Conservation by Design 2.0 Guidance Document (V1.0)

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