Learn What Your Colleagues Are Doing, Help Judge Submissions for the Open Standards Case Study Competition!

Thank you to all those who shared your great stories about adaptive management in practice!  Our judges have narrowed down 5 cases that best meet the criteria outlined in the Open Standards Case Study Competition. Now, we need your help to select the top 3. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from others around the world who are using the Open Standards! (Each case is only 2-5 pages)

Voting is now closed – Final decisions will be posted soon.  Stay tuned!

Case Studies:

Lessons Learnt from adaptive management in a global biodiversity hotspot Bush Heritage FitzStirling
TNC Cascade Head Preserve and Salmon River Watershed (Oregon)
20 Years and Counting Adaptive Management of Chimpanzee Habitats in the Greater Gombe Ecosystem, Tanzania
Evaluation of the Wunambal Gaambera Healthy Country Project in Australia’s Kimberley
Full-cycle adaptive management in Australia arid rangelands Bush Heritage Boolcoomatta