Open Standards v3.0 now translated into French

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Lauriane Besse Streit – and no doubt many late nights – the Open Standards (v3.0) has now been translated into French. This follows the recent translation into Portuguese as well.

Lisa Paix and Damien Cohez from La Tour du Valat in France reviewed the translation, for which the conservation community is grateful. The Open Standards were used to develop the 6th Regional Nature Reserve Management Plan for Tour du Valat Estate  – a part of the world famous Camargue wetlands.

Tour du Valat Estate in the Camargue
The Tour du Valat research institute manages its Estate as part of the Camargue

Financial support was given by the Nature Conservancy Canada and also the CMP.  Many thanks are due all around.

You may download the French translation here.

2 Responses to “Open Standards v3.0 now translated into French”

  1. Ravonjiarisoa Patrice

    After completing the conservation plan courses with conservation training, As a conservation and biodiversity trainer, I would like to share it with my environment students, in the Institut de Formation Technique Antananarivo Madagascar. Our object is to form young malagasy ready to undertake conservation action in the field. This open standards in french version is a valuable tool for us to facilitate its transmission.
    Thank you

    • dsprod

      Hello Patrice
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad that the translation into French will be of use to you teaching the Open Standards at the Institut de Formation Technique Antananarivo Madagascar. If we can be of further help, please contact again.
      Regards – Daniel Sprod, web content manager.

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