Project Management for Wildlife Conservation (WildTeam 2016)

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This is a comprehensive, step-by-step manual for project management. It is accompanied by associated tools and support templates to implement each step of each process, which can be accessed here.
It was developed by WildTeam, a Bangladeshi not for profit established in 2003 with the aim of protecting the rapidly disappearing natural assets of Bangladesh, and in particular, the tiger.
WildTeam has found the use of detailed work processes in project management to be very useful and has adapted processes sourced from both business and the Open Standards. For further information, contact Adam Barlow, Director of WildTeam UK.


WildTeam (2016). Project Management for Wildlife Conservation v 1.0. Cornwall, UK

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2 Reviews of “Project Management for Wildlife Conservation (WildTeam 2016)”

  1. Jaymie Rains

    These documents and processes have helped me so much in my steep learning curve towards conservation project management. The staff in London have been so helpful and are very happy to take feedback and act on it as well.
    The templates are reviewed as needed and updated very quickly.
    The manual could use a bit more background information for newbies to follow; some of the terminology was unfamiliar and so it made using parts of the documents and spreadsheets interesting.

    • dsprod

      That is wonderful to hear Jaymie. feedback for the materials offered on the website is always welcome, as I’m sure it is for the authors of the materials.

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