Team MonitoringMaking Conservation Efforts More Efficient and Effective

The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation help teams be systematic about planning, implementing, and monitoring their conservation initiatives so they can learn what works, what does not work, and why — and ultimately adapt and improve their efforts.

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Version 3 of the Open Standards now in Spanish
February 3, 2018 — Thanks go to Armando Valdés-Velásquez and Arianna Basto-Eyzaguirre for translating the Version 3 update of the Open Standards to Spanish. Thanks also to CMP for funding this work. This translation can be downloaded here.Read More

2018 Global Adaptive Management Case Study Competition
January 15, 2018 — Help others learn from your conservation work and improve their conservation efforts! And earn a travel award while you are at it! This competition seeks to collect and share cases studies to promote cross-organizational, cross-project, and cross-coach/practitioner learning about adaptive management…Read More

Open Standards v3.0 now translated into Albanian
January 9, 2018 — Albanian is the 8th language that the Open Standards have been translated into, representing a fantastic spread of knowledge and shared passion for conservation. A huge thank you goes to Ermelinda Mahmutaj and her team who completed this giant task.…Read More