Making Conservation Efforts More Efficient and Effective

The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation help teams be systematic about planning, implementing, and monitoring their conservation initiatives so they can learn what works, what does not work, and why — and ultimately adapt and improve their efforts.

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A Fresh Take on Your Essential Conservation Tools!
December 7, 2019 — You asked for a fresh and collaborative way to design and manage your conservation work, and the Miradi Team listened. They paired with usability experts to update Miradi and created a modern, interactive online hub for your projects and programs…Read More

Korean translation of OS v3.0 now available
January 9, 2019 — The Open Standards have now been translated into 9 languages!  The latest translation for Korea was released today Many thanks to the hard work of the contributors: Jeong Eun (Anya) Lim, Moonhyun Shin, Baekjun Kim, Raeha Jang, Heejong Kim, Jaehwa…Read More

Conservation audit tool ready for use
December 14, 2018 — This Conservation audit tool is designed to assess and evaluate conservation programs against industry standard best design to help the audited project adopt better adaptive management. Developed and refined for CMP by Elizabeth O’Neill and Sheila O’Connor, it is based…Read More