Team MonitoringMaking Conservation Efforts More Efficient and Effective

The Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation help teams be systematic about planning, implementing, and monitoring their conservation initiatives so they can learn what works, what does not work, and why — and ultimately adapt and improve their efforts.

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OS v 3.0 Available in Indonesian!
Thanks to the hard work of a few Indonesian colleagues, Version 3.0 of the Open Standards is now available in Indonesian (Bahasa).  We are grateful to Juliana Tomasouw, Arisetiarso Soemodinoto, Anisa Budiayu, Rizya Ardiwijaya and Sutraman for their generosity with their time and for…
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Beta Versions of the IUCN-CMP Threats and Actions Classifications Available!
Members of a cross-institutional working group have drafted a “beta” 2.0 version of the threats and actions classification system.  Check them out here and provide comments and feedback through August 31, 2015! Published in 2008 in Conservation Biology, the IUCN-CMP Threat and…
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